Giant Partners

20 years. 5000 customers. Giant Partners is America’s #1 data driven marketing agency  We accelerate campaign performance with proprietary marketing databases, strong branding, effective websites, compelling content, social media advertising, email marketing, web search advertising and marketing automation.

Chasm Group

Chasm Group is a team of seasoned technology professionals who specialize in helping technology-based companies achieve market-leading positions in both emerging and established markets. Disruptive technologies can prosper and thrive when combined with equally innovative thinking to establish and sustain market leadership. From our roots in the early ‘90s helping early stage companies “cross the chasm” from breakthrough idea to market leading reality, we have continued to dedicate ourselves to creating business and market strategies that deliver results for technology-based companies of all sizes, across industries, and across borders.

SoundBite Communications

Great communicators are made, not born. In fact, everyone can achieve excellence as a communicator when given the right tools, dedicated coaching, and practice. SoundBite Communications – led by former TV reporter/anchor Nora Murray – helps executives refine interview skills, tell engaging stories, and communicate their vision through a robust media training program. More than just a well-told story, the results help clients build relationships with journalists, analysts, customers, and other audiences critical to the company’s success.


910ZEN is a fresh web development and design agency with over 17 years experience. We work hand in hand with clients to meet their goals with intuitive interfaces and visually compelling results.

Eric Sahlin Photography

Eric Sahlin has been shooting architectural, commercial, and editorial photography in the San Francisco, Bay Area for 15 years, using both DSLR digital and Hi-res digital capture.  Eric also professionally shoots film, video and records audio. Clients include: Shorenstein Realty Inc., Leica Geosystems Inc., Essex Property Trust, AvalonBay, UDR, Inc., Kaiser Permanente, Oncology Services International, Scott Sullivan AIA, Ernie Selander Architect, Stephen Elbert & Associates, McCall Design Group, Just Desserts, The Placemaking Group, Keaton Media LLC and Marriott Hotels & Resorts.


Established in 2003, Ascendant is a European B2B PR & communications consultancy that has worked with some of the biggest brands in the technology industry covering the whole of Europe with on the ground teams in each market.

APS Marketing

APS Marketing provides measurable B2B marketing with a focus on revenue-driven goals, including the creation and implementation of global go-to-market programs. APS Marketing maximizes modern push/pull online marketing, customer relationship management and marketing automation tools (, NetSuite and SAP; Marketo, Eloqua and Pardot) for closed-loop lead generation and lead programs. APS builds programs and content that drive global partner enablement, industry-specific product marketing and multi-channel sales content development.

Merrill Research

Merrill Research has been a leader in providing custom, full-service marketing research for technology companies since 1986 offering a wide array of custom qualitative and quantitative marketing research services to many of the largest and most successful technology companies worldwide.


Joule is the professional practice of Melody Kean Haller. Using carefully built information databases, an extensive network, and a bit of inspired intuition, Joule makes connections that can help entrepreneurs succeed. Melody works to advance technologies that could help slow climate change. Efforts may involve introductions to potential investors, sourcing PR firms, business development, or strategic positioning. Most work is done on a non-exclusive, reward-for-success basis.

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